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Welcome to Life on Fire Classes!

At Life on Fire, in St. John's Newfoundland, we offer fun and interactive self development classes based on self-help and spirituality. The classes are designed to help you get clear on your desires, feel supported and achieve your goals and dreams.

Whether your desire is in the area of Relationships, Money, Health, Career, etc then the Life on Fire Classes will help you attain it.

The classes are built on the following 3 principles:
    1. Connection - Connect with Like Minded Positive People. Each class allows for discussion of new ideas, and explores positive mindsets in an open environment.

    Creative Vision Scrapbook 2.Creativity - A central component is the creation of a Vision Journal through creative arts and visualizations to add a new dimension for change and self exploration. This allows you to transcend the limitations of your mind and engages your focus and attention. It is a way to cultivate and practice new positive thoughts and mindsets, overcome obstacles, both inner and outer, and help you get in alignment with the energy needed to bring your dreams into fruition.

    3. Focus Spend time thinking about what you want for your life. Each class is a sort of Creative Process Workshop, or a "mini-retreat" that gives you the opportunity to focus on YOUR Dreams, what you want, and how you want your life to be.

Curriculum for the Classes

Topics for our Classes include:
  • Vision Boards
  • Vision Journals
  • Appreciation and Gratitude
  • Transformation
  • Law of Attraction
  • Power of Focus
  • and much more...
In the classes you will:
  • Get Clear on What you Want for your life - your true "heart's" desire
  • Visualize your dreams, hopes and desires
  • Get on track to achieving your goals
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and get in alignment with what you want
  • Become Excited about your life
  • Have Fun!!!
Sign up now for a fun and interactive class and learn how you can create what you want in all areas of your life.

Facilitator: Edith Lynch, M.Ed., Educator and Seminar Leader. Her classes have been enjoyed by many participants.

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If you want to get clear on what you want for your life and get started on creating the life you really want, then click here to check out our current class offerings.


"Thank You for your classes. It was the beginning of my new journey....exactly what I needed. I'm sooooo excited to be on fire feels sooooooo good!" Tammy

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